Gingrich staff admits he has no witnesses to back up debate retort; and, Mitt’s blandness versus Newt’s dangerousness

A reader in England, who sent the story, writes:

Gingrich is a compulsive liar but simply far more exciting than any other Republican candidate.

Obama would destroy him in an election is my guess.

LA replies:

He sounds like the “bad boy” to whom women are suicidally attracted.

Nietzsche once said that life is a woman. Maybe the GOP is a woman.

The reader in England replies:

The core of the problem is that Romney is too White Anglo Saxon Protestant (even if he is actually a Mormon) in demeanor and he is too boring for the American electorate and media.

I don’t think that sort of “whiter than white” religious Christian, or rather Protestant, can win the presidency any more….

Why are religious Christians so boring? As I previously said, they are not creators of “culture.” [LA replies: Well, lah di dah, who is a creator of culture? Also, Michele Bachmann is a religious Christian, and she’s not boring.]

And perhaps that sort of Christian cannot even win the Republican nomination…

Obama is the sort of Christian who can win elections even if he really is a Muslim!

Americans like “stars” like Kennedy(s), Reagan, Clinton, and Obama… not wooden candidates like Gore and Romney…

Nixon and Gingrich were/are anti-hero stars of a sort.

Pretending to repent but you still know they are bad guys…

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