How Obama is both energetic and lazy

Roger Kimball sums up the attributes that makes Obama unique:

Incompetence. Arrogance. Left-wingery. Laziness. The final oddity is the way Obama combines laziness and ambition. For he is certainly ambitious. His efforts to ‘fundamentally transform the United States of America’ are prosecuted by following what Governor Mitch Daniels described as a policy of ‘shock-and-awe’ statism. Here’s how it works: when it comes to achieving his left-wing agenda, Obama is, if not quite tireless, at least dogged and uncompromising. But when it comes to serving the interests of America, he reverts back to his old Senate habit of voting present. (Come to think of it, when was the last time you heard Obama talk about, and endorse, especially American interests? They just don’t figure very prominently on his scale of values.)

On this Memorial Day, when we pause to commemorate the sacrifices of the brave men … who served in the American military to help keep us free and strong, it is worth thinking as well about those whose visceral reaction to the United States is arrogant and impatient loathing. It is not an edifying, though it may be an empowering, thought.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 01, 2010 10:19 AM | Send

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