Restless farewell

There is something surreal about Sarah Palin’s resignation speech. There she is, full of beans, in cranked-up politician mode, talking about this pressing issue and that pressing issue, like someone running all-out for office—and what is she doing? She’s not running for office. She’s resigning her office in the middle of the term to which she was elected, and not because she was elected or appointed to some higher office, which happens commonly in politics, but simply because she doesn’t want to be there any more. If she has so much pizzazz for her state’s pressing issues, why is she prematurely quitting the governorship? The contradiction gives the speech an air of falsity and unreality.

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Mike Berman writes:

Wow, what memories.

The song, “Restless Farewell,” also brings up my own painful break from my past.

I can’t know what they’ve put Sarah Palin through, but she must have had enough. Is there a graceful way to say I’m out of here?

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