The latest hate crime hoax

No jail time for Dyron Hart for pretending to be a white man and sending death threats to three black college students. Well, we ought to go easy on the fellow. After all, he’s just doing what he see white elites doing all the time: setting up whites for false charges of racism. He just took it a little too far.

Hart is not a bad person. He’s a good citizen—of liberal America.

The story’s from the Mail Times:

Miss. man gets probation for Facebook threats

A judge has ordered three years probation for a black man who posed as a white supremacist upset by President Barack Obama’s election and sent racist death threats to black college students.

Dyron Hart, a 20-year-old from Poplarville, Miss., also was ordered Wednesday to perform 150 hours of community service and complete a racial sensitivity course. He had pleaded guilty to one federal charge in August.

Hart had been accused of using a fake profile on the social networking Web site Facebook to send messages threatening to kill three black students at Nicholls State University in Louisiana.

Hart had attended the school for one semester in 2008.

An FBI agent had said in a sworn statement that Hart sent the messages to “get a reaction.”

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Steve W. writes:

Query: Do you think that the “racial sensitivity” course that Hart was ordered to attend will focus on the wrongness of unjustly accusing white folks of racism? I seriously doubt it. I predict, instead, that he will be lectured that many black folks still face real threats of racial violence by whites and that his hoax diminishes the “seriousness” of the “problem.” The judge himself probably said something along these lines in sentencing Hart to probation.

LA replies:

We should not forget the comment by the female commenter recently (I forget at the moment where it’s linked) that black racism against whites is ok because of the bad things that whites have done to blacks. That’s the modern liberal view of race in a nutshell. It turns whites into oppressive untermenschen against whom any crime is excused in advance.

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