Cuomo told Wall Street Journal he would make homosexual “marriage” a top priority

Jacob Gershman reported at the Journal on July 1:

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said that, if elected governor this fall, he would push to legalize gay marriage in New York during his first year in office.

Asked by a reporter if he would make the passage of a same-sex marriage bill a priority in his first year on the job, Cuomo told reporters in New York City: “It’s a priority.”

State lawmakers, he said, “have their hands full with their current legislative agenda, most notably the budget, but my opinion, my policy point of view, it is a priority.” Asked if he thinks a gay marriage bill could pass the Legislature in 2011, an off-election year, Cuomo replied: “Do I think it can? Yes.”

Yet the editors of the New York Post today condemned Carl Paladino for distracting public attention from the real issues of the campaign by criticizing Cuomo over his support for the homosexual agenda.

Earth to New York Post: if the man who is currently the favorite to win the governorship says that homosexual marriage will be a top priority of his, then it is a real issue, isn’t?

(Readers can send an e-mail to Bob McManus, the editorial page editor, and Adam Brodsky, the deputy editorial page editor.)

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