Is Obama going to say, “Take this job and —”

Obama has been much criticized for the excessive number of vacations he takes. So how does he respond? By publicly musing to an audience of wealthy donors that he’d really, really like a vacation in Tuscany, and asking his host to loan him his house there.

I have never agreed with those who said that Obama would not run for a second term. I think that’s highly unlikely. But I don’t consider it out of the question. If it happened, I wouldn’t be shocked.

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Jim C. writes:

One-term Barry will most likely return to a nice sinecure in academia, a place like Princeton that requires no scholarship from its Negro “superstars.”

LA replies:

Are you predicting he won’t run for second term?

Jim C. replies:

He’s a big-time narcissist, so I predict there is no chance he won’t run.

LA replies:

You’re right. Given his narcissism, it’s almost impossible he won’t run. Not to run would be to downgrade himself. He’ll just keep complaining about the job and taking lots of vacations. So maybe I should modify my position that I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t run.

Jim C. replies:

If a charismatic, moderate Democrat appears on the horizon, Barry could lose the nomination. The good news is that King Barackus the Mediocritus’s agenda has been diagnosed and rejected by the majority of Americans. Even Democrats are realizing that they lionized a well-spoken doofus. As a result, Barry will never hold any position ever again with any real power. That’s why I see him at a place like Stanford or Princeton, both of which are in close proximity to good golf courses.

LA replies:
Well, maybe Barry could go on the lecture circuit doing joint appearances with Cornel West (of Princeton).

Jim C. replies:

Barry’s basic problem is that people are perceiving him as a LOSER, so who is going to drop big bucks to hear him lecture? I don’t think Jesse Jackson would be interested in hearing more of his BS. Clinton is successful on the circuit because people respect him. Barry is not respected.

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