What would happen to the liberal campaign against American inequality and racism, if conservatives stopped opposing it?

Jeremy G. writes:

You’ve said several times: “It’s their country now.”

I completely agree with your psychological distancing from their country (here, here, here, and here). I feel the same way. If large numbers of conservatives would behave in this way, even internally, it would have a huge impact on society. White conservatives have been the main (only?) group in America that actually believed that America was a good country that was worthy of being defended. Even now, with America in the liberals’ hands, liberals still can’t imagine America as a good country because there is still rampant inequality, which is only going to get worse under their rule as poverty spreads. So who is left to stand up for the country? The white conservatives, of course, since they see their sacred duty as defending America from criticism, even an America that has been taken over by the left and changed into a leftist country. And white conservatives’ ongoing kneejerk defense of America from the charge of racism, sexism, greed, etc., confirms the liberals’ belief that America is still controlled by racist, sexist, greedy white conservatives, and redoubles their rage against them. Would liberals be surprised the next time they denounced America if essentially no one disagreed with them or cared? I wonder what the implications of this would be?

LA replies:

The supreme irony is that the conservatives, in the very act of defending the existing, leftist/liberal America, make the liberals believe that conservatism has become more extreme and dangerous than ever before and so drives the liberals to ever greater exertions to defeat it.

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Gintas writes:

Just shrug your shoulders. “Not my problem, it’s your country, you fix it.”

It’ll be like trying to push on a rope.

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