Auster contra Pipes, a selection

For easier reference, here is a selection of my articles on Daniel Pipes and Islam. The articles are listed in reverse chronological order.

Newly “optimistic” Pipes sees “transformed” Muslim world that is no longer extreme and is capable of democracy [March 2011.]

The D.A. in the Muslim beheading case sees “domestic violence,” but eagle-eyed Pipes sees things as they really are [February 2009.]

Pipes’s absurd speech in London

Daniel Pipes—the problem and the solution

Fearing the imposition of an Islamic order, Pipes calls for the return of Islamic greatness

Now Pipes worries about Islam’s spreading power, and says we can’t stop it

Muslims “lagging behind,” says Pipes. That’s a problem?

Pipes’s lost opportunity as a serious Iraq critic

Ok, Islam is the enemy. Therefore, what?

Daniel Pipes’s mental fun house

Steyn’s nightmare agenda endorsed by Pipes

Was I being unfair to Pipes?

Pipes goes where he has not gone before

Pipes: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself.” The unrealism of “realism”

Lies and illusions breaking down before our eyes

Fallaci, Pipes, and the nature of Islam

Pipes, the nominalist, decides words have fixed meanings after all

Pipes on the Third-World invasion threatening the West

What makes a Muslim moderate? That he conceals the truth about Islam

Pipes re-affirms false distinction between radical and moderate Islam

Reply to Pipes posted

Pipes still spreading myth of moderate Islam

My question to Daniel Pipes: Therefore, what?

Pipes-Auster exchange continues

Pipes-Auster dialog on Moslems continues

How to reduce the Muslim presence in the West

Calling Daniel Pipes

My reply to Pipes

Comments on my debate with Pipes

Dissecting the lie that Christianity was more oppressive than Islam

Daniel Pipes, nominalist

“The Search for Moderate Islam” published at FrontPage

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