A conservative radio host invents redneck community organizer

JC writes from Houston:

Subject: Why I’m sick of so-called conservative talk radio

There is a Hanitty wannabe named Andrew Wilkow on Sirius satellite radio, the Patriot Channel. He claims to be the voice of conservative reason, rational thought. Today he went into a parody of a “community organizer,” a labor union racketeer supposedly demanding this and that socialist policy. What was really offensive about it was that he used a Southern, what you might call country or “redneck,” accent to do his parody. He even admitted he was using a Southern drawl. What burns me up about this is that Southerners (like me) who speak with that accent that he made fun of are the LEAST likely to be community organizers or socialists. This loudmouth who rails against political correctness apparently didn’t have the guts to use a more appropriate African-American dialect. He is also one of these “conservative” hosts who presents nonstop a parade of all of the new Republican African-American congressional candidates who are going to defeat Democratic liberals in Democratic black majority districts to show the diversity of the Tea Party and how conservatives are not “racist.”

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