Young Canadian singer-songwriter, hiking alone in wild, is killed by coyotes

Taylor Mitchell

Peter G. writes:

This tragic event typifies the serial foolishness of modern young women. Over twenty years ago a female friend almost suffered the same fate in Alberta. A thoughtful hunter saw her traipsing off onto an abandoned railway line. She soon found herself being stalked by coyotes but after two shots by the hunter her predicament was solved.

How could anyone with modicum of sense head off into the bush alone? Little wonder an older generation of men recognized women need to be protected from themselves.

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LA writes:

Another news story on the death of Taylor MItchell is posted in the entry on the disappearance of a 20 year old Virginia Tech student who was walking alone at night outside an arena where a concert was taking place.

John Hagan writes:

The eastern coyote is a much different animal than the Western coyote. It’s at least part wolf, and a recent capture here in New England yielded a DNA sequence of over 80 percent wolf. This fairly new hybrid is what most likely killed this unfortunate young women.

Ferg writes:

The article does not mention if the young woman was menstruating at the time. This has been a factor in mountain lion attacks out West, and wolf attacks also. It is reputed to be a factor in shark attacks as well. If so, then young women should be made aware of this added danger despite the obvious restrictions it places on their activities. Also, wilderness walking can be dangerous for many reasons and should be undertaken with companionship. Not the place to be demonstrating how independent you are.

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