Ohio, etc.

According to the NYT map (you need to hold your pointer over a state to get the results), Ohio, with 42 percent of the precincts reporting, has Obama 3.3 percent ahead of Romney. So Romney has closed it up a bit from the six point disadvantage he had earlier, but still has quite a way to go to win the state. If Romney cannot carry Ohio, it’s over.

New Hampshire, with 28 percent reporting, has Obama ten points ahead of Romney. Not good.

Colorado has 20 percent reporting with a three point Obama lead.

In Virginia, with 32 percent reporting, Romney is up by 14 percent.

In North Carolina, with 32 percent reporting, Romney is up by 0.7 percent.

10:29 p.m.: In Florida, according to the Secretary of State’s page (which is a little more recent than the New York Times map) Obama has opened a slight lead with 3,816,442 against 3,776,774 for Romney. Earlier in the evening, only hundreds of votes separated them. Now, with something like 90 percent of the precincts counted, Obama is ahead by 40,000 votes.

Romney could still pull it out, but it is not looking good for him.

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