The feminist Trojan Horse that Palin has introduced into the conservative movement

A commenter at The Thinking Housewife, followed by the Housewife herself, exposes Sarah Palin’s standard, cheap-shots-at-men feminism and how it contradicts her claim to being a conservative leader.

I would just add this. Today we see Bristol Palin as a TV celebrity. I thought her message was that having a child out of wedlock was a bad thing to do. In reality her message is that having a child out of wedlock leads to a fun life as a celebrity.

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The blogger OneSTDV writes:

I’ve been similarly disappointed with Palin acolyte Christine O’Donnell’s frequently expressed admiration for Hillary Clinton and her “being a successful female in a man’s world.” And that’s independent of her suing her former employer concerning gender discrimination.

At the same time, their social conservatism largely dampens the potential harm of their feminism. For example, social conservatives with feminist leanings generally won’t actually follow feminist rhetoric and divorce their husbands and take the kids and all his money.

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