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Richard W. writes (January 6):


I’ve been meaning to send you a quick note of appreciation. While I have not contributed many comments these last few months, I do read VFR every day. Your site and writing are a refuge in a world gone mad, I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

In mid 2011 I decided to try to make some changes in my life to improve my health and happiness, and to better align my behavior with my ideals. Such changes are always hard, but worthwhile. One small component was to try to reduce my obsession with politics and culture, which had become an overwhelming source of anger and frustration for me.

Unlike so many other sites which highlight instances of liberal idiocy without providing any vision of a way forward, you have always illuminated the bigger picture. Even if there is no simple six point plan offered to redeem our society, you do provide an alternative world view that is consistent and actionable.

At least I am trying to make it actionable in my own life, and finding the rewards are inherent in the effort.

I sincerely thank you for everything you do, and want you to know that you are making a difference in my life, even if it isn’t visible or directly connected with the various topics you discuss daily. I have some idea how hard you must work on the site to maintain it at such a high level, please know that your work is not in vain.

Best wishes for a productive and happy 2012,


LA replies:


Thank you very much. It is great, but also humbling, to know that VFR has such a positive influence in your life.

You’re right—I do try to provide an alternative outlook and sense of things. I never just want to leave people with “the horror, the horror.” Even if all we’re doing in a given post is to look at the horror, the way we look at the horror can separate us from it and be something positive and truthful.


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