Bearing witness

In his indispensable 1987 book The Holocaust, Martin Gilbert traced the dehumanization and destruction of European Jewry week by week, almost day by day, from 1933 to 1945. Gilbert’s blow-by-blow account of the Nazi war against the Jews, which transformed my own understanding of the event, has been widely acknowledged as a classic.

At the same time, there are people on the right who regard it as somehow in bad taste, even nihilistic, for bloggers to tell about the black anti-white intifada in America, as I have been doing to a certain extent but oh so inadequately at this website. Thus Proph, a contributor at The Orthosphere, says that following the reports on racial crimes at VFR and other blogs will “just give you an ulcer and turn your heart into an empty incinerate sac for storing bitterness.” I don’t think my efforts in this area are at all about emptying one’s heart or becoming bitter; as the author of this material, I can tell you that that is certainly not the impact that it has on me. What my writings on this subject are about is truth, a truth the whole world is suppressing and lying about, and truth, conveyed truly and meaningfully, is not deadening, is not ashes in the mouth, as Proph would have it, but is always new and alive, no matter how negative it may be.

In order to get a handle on the ceaselessly occurring racial crimes to which official America, as well as most of the “right,” is utterly indifferent, the blogger Cicero has devoted his new site, The Big Lie on Parade, to the single task of cataloguing them, something VFR is not designed to do. In his masthead he describes his mission:

A daily roundup of the continuing and ever increasing intifada of black on white crime. Dispelling the Big Lie of the “Violent white racist America” one link at a time.

- end of initial entry -

April 25

I sent this entry to Cicero with a note:

Can your blog live up to the build-up I gave it? :-)

Cicero replies:

Oy Vey! Now that you have thrown down the gauntlet I guess I have no choice. I never turn down a good challenge. : ) I must say there is a definite hunger out there for what I seem to be offering. Many thanks to you and your mentioning of this blog. I do wonder how long it will be before Blogger tries to take me down. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

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