Key writings on immigration and multiculturalism

Below is a selection of my writings and speeches on immigration and related topics that have been published in mainstream print venues or in Web publications other than VFR, listed in roughly chronological order. The entry will be permanently linked on the main page under “Key VFR Articles.”

The Curriculum of Inclusion
[My first article on multiculturalism, National Review, Dec. 1989]

The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism
[Pdf version of my 1990 booklet. Here is HTML version of PNS, with each chapter in a separate web page.]

On the Meaning of Racism
[chapter from PNS posted at VFR]

The real “PC”
[Speech at FAIR conference, 1991: “A society’s openness to unlimited diversity is not primarily a question of economics or ideology or class; it is at bottom a moral phenomenon, connected with all the other moral concerns of society.”]

America: Multiethnic, not Multicultural
[1991 article in Academic Questions arguing that the neoconservative view of America as a universalist idea is both false in itself and an inadequate no defense against multiculturalism, and that multiculturalism can only be stopped through the renewal of a particularist understanding of America, with special focus on the Anglo-Saxon origins and core components of our culture. The article was published along with Diane Ravitch’s “A Response to Auster,” followed by “A Reply to Ravitch.”]

The Forbidden Topic
[1992 article in National Review arguing that immigration is the main cause of multiculturalism. This was NR’s first front-of-the-magazine article criticizing immigration on a cultural basis.]

Restricting the immigration debate
[1992 article in Miami Herald: “The point is that immigration restrictionism cannot be simply dismissed as scapegoating, exploitation, or any other symptom to be analyzed by the social psychiatrists, but that it is exactly what it claims to be—fear of excessive immigration and its social, cultural and political consequences. It’s a view that must be accepted or refuted on its own merits.”]

Avoiding The Issue
[1994 article at National Review on mainstream conservatives’ avoidance of immigration as the main factor driving multiculturalism.]

Multiculturalism and the War against White America
[Article based on my speech at the 1994 American Renaissance conference.]

Huddled Cliches: Exposing the Fraudulent Arguments That Have Opened America’s Borders to the World
[1997 booklet, available online in html]

Exposing the Open-Borders Arguments
[Part I of 1997 booklet Huddled Cliches published at FrontPage Magazine in 2004]

The myth of Hispanic family values
[Part II of Huddled Cliches, published at VFR

Immigration and multiculturalism: Why are the conservatives silent?
[Speech given February 2002 at National Council on Policy conference.]

Erasing America
[My 2003 booklet-essay, available at American Immigration Control Foundation

How Multiculturalism Took Over America
[Four-part article at FrontPage Magazine, 2004]

Are We Really a Nation of Immigrants?
[Article published at FrontPage Magazine, 2005, based on section from Huddled Cliches.

The Second Mexican War
[How Mexican immigration is part of a Mexican war against the U.S., FrontPage Magazine, 2006]

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