A race war against whites—led by the U.S. government

Lauri Regan at American Thinker puts it all together and lays it on the line: blacks are waging a race war against whites in this country, and the Obama administration is licensing it, orchestrating it, and cheering it.

Regan is an exception to my general observation that mainstream conservatives, because of their deep-seated belief that it is morally wrong to think of themselves as white, are unable and unwilling to defend white people as such when they are attacked. If a significant number of conservative commentators started speaking the way Regan does, and didn’t back off when criticized, the possibility would arise that white Americans would step outside the suicidal liberal paradigm they have inhabited since the 1960s and stand up for themselves as a group—as the majority group and culture of America. And if that happened, which is what I have always hoped for, it would change everything.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 13, 2012 10:32 AM | Send

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