The Big Truth

Philip M. writes from England:

Last night I was thinking about your statement, “The institutionalization of homosexuality … is leading and must lead to the official elimination of the concepts of mother and father,” and thinking about how amazingly controversial this is. I stuck it on as my Facebook update just to see the response, and I’ve never had so many people tell me I’m opening a “can of worms.”

The left would say the statement is offensive to homosexuals—but on what basis is it offending them? For saying that equality between father/father families and mother/father families demands that we find a neutral non-gender term for two people bringing up a child, to blur the distinction between the two kinds of family? How can it be offensive merely to outline what will, and probably is already being said, by homosexual rights groups to advance their own agenda!

It is not really the offense to homosexuals that is the problem here, rather it is so brazenly exposing the workings and direction of one of the leftists’ ultimate goals—the elimination of the family. And I think on some level people, particularly conservatives, know this, and it is the enormity of the crime that scares them into remaining silent; otherwise they would be exposing an ongoing left-wing takeover of our entire lives, and then what? Fight? Perhaps you could call it the “Big Truth.” A truth so frightening that people dare not admit even the possibility of it?

LA replies:

This is great. Just as the Big Lie is a lie so outrageous that people can’t believe that someone would tell such a lie, and so they believe the lie, the Big Truth is a truth so threatening to both left and right that both left and right reject it. The Big Truth is threatening to the left, obviously, because it shows what the left’s projects really consist of and where they are really heading, which, if people understood, they would stop going along with the left’s projects and start seriously resisting them instead. The Big Truth is threatening to the right because the right is invested in the basic goodness and harmony of our existing society and in maintaining a general consensus concerning that goodness. A dawning understanding of the true radicalism of the left would force the right to fight the left, it would lead to civil war and counterrevolutionary struggle, bringing to an end our current system based on toleration and consensus.

So the Big Truth is a truth so threatening to both left and right, that both left and right must reject and conceal it.

What’s the difference between the Big Lie and the Big Truth? The Big Lie is a lie so big that it is believed. The Big Truth is a truth so big that it is disbelieved.

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