How Michael Jackson died, and why he was worshipped

Harry Horse, a physician, writes:

Our old friend from the African-American Medical School! Remember his smiling, professional picture? Ouch, might want to reconsider administering general anesthesia meds for insomnia.


Harry is speaking of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s Doctor Feelgood. The one who administered CPR on Jackson while Jackson was lying on his bed. Murray has been charged in Jackson’s death. As reported at Med Page Today:

According to the L.A. County District Attorney’s office, Murray “did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson…”

Subsequent statements from investigators indicated that Murray had injected Jackson with the anesthetic agent propofol earlier that day, apparently to help Jackson sleep.

Read the article and see the number of different prescription drugs that were loaded into Jackson’s body, by Dr. Conrad and by other doctors. Which leads to the following reflections.

Not only did Michael Jackson by artificial means create a weird, artificial family, and not only did he by artificial means transform his external physical appearance into something freakish, but by artificial means he transformed his inner biochemistry as well. The man wasn’t, to use a well-known if reductive description of our species, a two-legged animal; he was a two-legged pharmacy.

Some people wonder why this disturbing looking individual with his surgically altered and deformed face was treated by our society as an icon, instead of an object of repulsion. The answer is that modern society is gnostic. Gnosticism means the replacement of the divine and natural order by an artificial, man-created order which worships itself. Jackson, as the ultimate self-re-created human, was a kind of ultimate gnostic or symbol of gnosticism, and thus a god of our culture.

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Prime writes:

As someone who’s done a bit of study on historical gnosticism, I think you are right in saying that society’s awe for Michael Jackson does parallel the the veneration Gnostics gave to the “fully-integrated” hermaphrodite figure. Not only was it higher than man or woman, but, well, perhaps because of this, it was seen as divine. To boot, Michael Jackson’s transformation was viewed almost universally. This link is to a Jungian sculptor who explains the phenomenon well.

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