It’s gone beyond riots to armed insurrection

Karen continues from England:

The Mail has added now that the riots “have taken a dramatic and potentially new turn” with the use of firearms against the Police and “urban guerrillas.” “It seems that the mob wants to kill us” said the Police.

Firearms don’t arrive out of thin air and guerrillas have to be trained. The Muslims have been planning this for a while. France is descending into civil war and if the Police get shot they will turn on the Government and Sarkozy will have to send in the army! What does Melanie Phillips think of this new escalating jihad? Does she think that the Muslim rioters/armed urban guerrillas can be reformed into pursuing a moderate non violent Islam? Pigs will fly!

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Lee S. writes from Atlanta:

I disagreed with your critical assessment of what the election of Sarkozy in France meant. I thought it was a very hopeful sign. Now I am starting to think that maybe you are on to something.

Mr. Auster, what could have motivated his pitiful response to the latest round of rioting in Paris? He even implied that it was possible that the police caused the whole thing, when there is ZERO credible evidence of any kind to support this absurd idea. His call, “Let the justice system sort it out,” was in my view, almost an incitement to more rioting.

There was a time, when France was a great nation, that she would have known how to deal with violent criminals. President Sarkozy would have had something like this to say:

“Ladies and gentlemen: Go home. Discontinue your rioting. Any person caught on the streets after 8 tonight will be shot.”

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