Bat Ye’or comment on Geert Wilders trial

The International Free Press Society website has a symposium on the trial of Geert Wilders. Bat Ye’or’s contribution hits right to the gut:

Muslims might feel insulted by Geert Wilders’ opinions on Islam. However, Geert Wilders and non-Muslims feel insulted—threatened—by the hostile and negative opinions on them enshrined in Muslim holy books, laws and customs. These are not hidden or dismissed as outdated, but continuously and proudly published, taught and publicly expounded throughout the world—without being opposed by Muslim leaders.

Westerners have been conditioned by their governments, their media, the Palestinian of their culture and societies, to be the culprit and to accept without a murmur the continuous harassment of the permanent terrorist threat. Such terrorism has taken already many innocent lives and wounded countless others since it started, in the 1960s, in Europe with the collaboration of Palestinians and Nazi groups murdering Jews and Israelis.

In view of an aggressive indigenous and foreign terrorism within the Netherlands itself, it is clear that Geert Wilders is answering a provocation against him that obliges him to live under permanent security controls. How is it possible that in the XXIe century, in a democratic and peaceful Europe, some people, politicians, intellectuals, cartoonists or others, need 24-hour security when they have done nothing but lawfully express themselves? Will self-censorship define our culture?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 27, 2010 11:32 AM | Send

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