Revolution in the air?

Does the popular outrage in Iran over Johnnie’s re-election (universally believed to be rigged and fraudulent) signal something bigger? Independent journalist Michael J. Totten (an interesting writer I should read more often) thinks so.

A commenter at Totten’s site (see below) questions his Michael Ledeen-type take on things.

Also, not related to a possible revolution in Iran, but to what the commenter sees as the certain coming fall of America, see this comment, posted in the same entry at Totten’s blog:

Howdy, Mike—you are doing great work, but sometimes being in the woods screws up your view of the trees.

Who owns our last manufacturing giants?

Who owns our banks?

Who decides if a contract is worth the paper it is printed on?

Who controls the census of 2010, and will as surely control the distribution of government influence and control via house seat allocation?

Who hates this country, this system, and most importantly this system of individual responsibiilty worse than any Bu$Hitler loon ever thought he could hate Bush…?

I spent eight years doing various unpleasant things around the world because of the threat of communism. I spent the off hours of that time reading up on things, mostly history, to understand why that had to be so.

Damn. Empires’ ends come closer together as the future approaches.

It is less than enjoyable to witness the arrival of a communist in charge of my government so soon after I watched my life savings drift away on the smoke of thirty years of government mandated suicide lending. Berlin surprised me, but I was in good company then.

The coming fall will surprise no one.

I just hope my flying car gets here in time to enjoy a spin or two around the block.

Posted by: TmjUtah Author Profile Page at June 14, 2009 6:34 PM

I must say that this comment makes more sense to me than Totten’s “revolution in the air” musing about the events in Teheran:

I’m sorry.

I am quite confident that by the end of next week (at the latest) the students will be back hiding at the Universities, and that the streets will belong completely, to the goon-squads of the Regime. This is a tempest in a teapot; it is NOT a revolutionary moment. Not while Oil is still $70.00/barrel. If Oil were $17.00 a barrel——now then something might happen.

Whether it be rule by Mullahs or just by Mullah, it’s really all the same thing. It’s a Gertrude Stein moment, in that this “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”. There really are no ‘moderate’ mullahs in Iran, and there is no way that any of them will want to see the Islamic State cease to be. And the Islamic State is a dysfunctional, incompetent, but RUTHLESS structure. As long as it exists, no real change is possible.

Nor more importantly will the Revolutionary Organizations that support it, give up the ghost, just to be ‘nice’. If only because, the futures of their thuggish members would tend to be somewhat ‘problematic’ whne the relatives of their victims decide to pay a call looking for a little of the old REVENGE.

Hope to be proven wrong but not very likely, IMAO [that’s a stupid acronym meaning “in my arrogant opinion”].

Posted by: dougf Author Profile Page at June 14, 2009 7:29 PM

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