A reader’s compliment

JGM writes:
Subject: witty, insightful, succinct …

You wrote:

“The ubiquitous yet strangely anonymous Jennifer Rubin, who popped full-grown from the head of the Commentary website two years ago… ”

Beyond the political, it’s prose like this that makes you the first read whenever I go w-w-w-ing.

LA replies:

Thank you.

That’s literally the way it was. All of a sudden, Jennifer Rubin, whom I never heard of before, was being constantly quoted and linked at NRO, Lucianne, Commentary and elsewhere. Normally people’s writing careers build by stages. But the moment Jennifer Rubin appeared, she was everywhere. I had the feeling that she wasn’t a real person, but some kind of corporate creation.

JGM replies:
Just so, or possibly some ungodly creation from the Castle of Dr. Podhoretz.

LA replies:


I wouldn’t describe her as particularly ungodly, there’s nothing sinister about her. But there was something strangely … unnatural about the fact that someone with no known background and no known point of view suddenly emerged out of nowhere as the establishment conservative blogosphere’s utility player, commenting on every issue and being quoted everywhere as an authoritative voice. A Stepford neocon, perhaps?

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