Black and white football players abused, raped, urinated on white girl during drunken party—and disseminated it all on the Internet

Two 16-year-old high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio, Trent Mays (who is white) and Ma’lik Richmond (obviously black), have been charged in the night-long sexual abuse and rape of 16-year-old girl at a drunken party. The girl is described as living in “a well-kept two-story colonial house in a solidly middle-class West Virginia neighborhood,” and as “dark-haired”—i.e., she’s white. Mays and Richmond photographed and posted on the web images of the drunken girl as they were abusing her. Numerous other football players participated in the event.

The very long, yet delicately written New York Times article (all Times articles are delicately written when politically correct icons are at stake) makes no reference to race. It says the town is divided between those who protect high school athletes at all cost and those who want justice for the girl.

Mitchell Y. writes:

It turns out that Ma’lik Richmond seems to be similar to a “Blind Side” case, i.e. whites “foster” a black kid from a “troubled background,” because he is a good athlete. Richmond’s father has done time for manslaughter, and the teen now lives with a couple named Agresta. Mr. Agresta serves on the local school board.

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