Liberal juggernaut, indifferent conservatives

Kathlene M. writes:

This was brought up by one of your readers, Paul K., in August: Pfc. Bradley Manning, who was responsible for Wikileaks, was an enlisted homosexual activist angry about “DADT.” He should be the poster-boy for DADT’s repeal and conservative non-resistance. See the sign he’s holding in the attached photo:


MassResistance has echoed your thoughts about the massive failure of the conservative movement to stop the repeal and its bow to the homosexual activist movement. “This represents a huge failure of the pro-family and conservative movements. And in our opinion, it is a structural, endemic problem that will only get worse unless an entirely new approach is taken.”

Kathlene continues:

“MassResistance” sounds like a scary name, but it stands for Massachusetts Resistance. It is a pro-family pro-parent group based in that state which is fighting the pro-homosexual indoctrination of school children, among other things. Its website has some racy photos, however, so be warned.

MassResistance has noted that GOProud has been attempting to overtake the Tea Party in Massachusetts and prevent it from confronting social issues like homosexual “marriage.” Apparently GOProud is attempting to co-opt the Tea Party movement nationally.

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