VFR on Liberal Hategate: a Collection

In this entry are listed in chronological order all of VFR’s 53 entries so far on the Tucson massacre and the left’s indictment of Republicans and conservatives for it. The reason I call the affair Liberal Hategate was provided by me in the very first item I wrote about the left’s horrifying propaganda campaign, on January 9: “The left, through its wild charge that ‘conservative hatred’ is responsible for the Tucson mass murder, is spreading hatred of conservatives. The left is actually doing to conservatives what it falsely accuses conservatives of doing to liberals. That is the Big Lie.”

For many of the entries, I provide a brief summary or sample of key text.

Saturday, January 8

Congresswoman shot dead, eight others wounded (“I’d like to know how the false story that she was dead got started. Did someone say to a reporter, ‘I think she’s dead,’ and the reporter went with that?”)

Sunday, January 9

Once again the left cranks out the Big Lie (“This is the Big Lie, which Hitler, one of its top practitioners, defined as a lie so colossal that ‘no one would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.’ And here is the particular form that the Big Lie takes in the current instance: falsely blaming one’s target for the very thing that you are doing to him. The left, through its wild charge that ‘conservative hatred’ is responsible for the Tucson mass murder, is spreading hatred of conservatives. The left is actually doing to conservatives what it falsely accuses conservatives of doing to liberals. That is the Big Lie.)

How the Times headline about killer misrepresents the facts about him in the Times story

While the media blame “conservative hatred” for a mentally ill killer, they ignore the hate spread by the President of the United States

VFR readers comment on the left’s Big Lie and the truth about Jared Lee Loughner

The net spreads: Lawrence Auster is linked to Arizona mass murderer (First VFR entry on the Mail article which uncritically repeated the Fox article which uncritically repeated the absurd DHS memo saying that Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance was “linked” with the Tucson killer, and adding that I had spoken at an AR conference.)

A double standard so gross that “double standard” isn’t a strong enough word for it

Appalling behavior by Republicans that gave the lying left an opening to blame the Tucson mass murder on Republicans and conservatives (As soon as I learned about them, I strongly condemn Sarah Palin’s “gun sight” graphic aimed at Democratic congressional districts including Giffords’, and Jesse Kelly’s “remove Gabrielle Giffords from office, shoot a fully a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly” announcement during his 2008 campaign against Giffords.)

Fellow student wrote of her fear of Loughner

Monday, January 10

For the left, ideology has replaced reality (Robert C. on the left’s mindset: “When one reaches a conclusion without evidence, one is in the realm, not of police work, but of ideology. Ideology allows one to claim to see, to understand, and to be able to blame without evidence. In that world, falsification requirements are unneeded and no proof is required. All events are understood as further evidence of the correctness of the ideology.”)

Even as the liberals’ Big Lie about conservatives’ responsibility for the massacre is being rapidly discredited by the facts, the liberals can’t let go of it

Humans whose souls have been replaced by politics

The argument, untouched and unconceived by mainstream conservatives, which would put the liberals on the defensive (I call on mainstream conservatives to say what I have said: that “the left, through its wild charge that ‘conservative hatred’ is responsible for the Tucson mass murder, is spreading hatred of conservatives. The left is actually doing to conservatives what it falsely accuses conservatives of doing to liberals.” If conservatives spoke this way, I argue, they would put the liberals on the defensive.)

An apparently bogus report regarding something Loughner allegedly wrote at The Daily Kos

Clarence (“Bill Clinton”) Dupnik does it again, blames Limbaugh for mass murder

A homicidal psycho right out of central casting (Discussion of Jared Loughner’s appearance.)

The DHS memo (“What the memo really tells us is that the people at DHS are exactly the same as the people who make up the hate-mongering liberal commentariat and the hate-mongering Democratic party—they are people who believe that the real threat to America, the real threat of mass murderous violence in America, comes from demonically evil conservatives, not from Islamic terrorists. And these leftists let their lunatic ideology supplant reality.”)

Tuesday, January 11

Days later, the Mail still hasn’t corrected its gross errors about Giffords (Namely that Giffords, as stated in the DHS memo, is the “‘the first Jewish female elected to such a high position in the US government,” which was why, the memo suggested, the supposedly anti-Semitic American Renaissance targeted her for assassination.)

The real evil (extraordinary Rush Limbaugh program on the Democrats’ deliberate, conscious evil)

The Monitor on the DHS memo (Christian Science Monitor shows that DHS memo is false.)

Calls for Palin’s death are common in liberal blogosphere

Has Clarence Dupnik’s jihad against conservatives been a ploy to divert attention from his own responsibility for the mass murder?

Two good lines from two normally inadequate conservative editors

Time for a divorce? (A reader asks: “After considering the behavior of leftists before and after the recent events in Arizona, don’t you think it is time to start separation talks?”)

Now the DHS tells us that there was no DHS memo tying Jared Loughner to Jared Taylor. Great work, Fox! Or is this new story a plant as well?

At last, the full story of the DHS memo and Fox’s false report about it

At last, the full text of the “DHS memo” (Including Greta van Susteren’s role.)

Wednesday, January 12

Why American Renaissance? (I explain why liberals thought that fingering the marginal and far-right newsletter American Renaissance [which is not a put-down, since VFR is also marginal and far-right] would make Republicans and mainstream conservatives look guilty.)

Another question on Memogate (a.k.a. Morongate) plausibly answered (A reader answers the question, how did American Renaissance even get connected in the minds of the dimwits at the Arizona Anti-Terrorism Information Center to Jared Loughner to begin with?)

Hume on liberals’ view of conservatives (Mainstream conservative Brit Hume says something he never said before, that the “American left equates disagreement with liberals and liberalism with hate.”)

An anti-Auster Objectivist who, notwithstanding his John Galt-sized brains, instantly believed Fox’s report on the DHS memo and proceeded to associate Lawrence Auster with the Tucson mass murder

DHS “Memogate,” resolved

Was Palin right to charge liberals with “blood libel”? (I heartily endorse Sarah Palin’s use of the term blood libel.)

Thursday, January 13

Loughner is an Independent

The national ceremony in Arizona (“This is the guy who ran for president promising a new era of civility in U.S. politics, and as soon as he became president he revealed himself as a nasty leftist and the most partisan president anyone had ever seen. And now he turns around again and calls for an era of civility? You’d have to be a complete chump, a hopeless idiot, to take any of this seriously.”)

The Big Truth (While reader Philip M.’s coinage of the “The Big Truth,” as the converse of the Big Lie, does not deal directly with the Tucson massacre and the liberals’ hate campaign against conservatives, it is still related to it, so I am including it in this list.)

“Together We Thrive” (About this slogan, worn on thousands of T-shirts at Obama’s memorial service in Tucson, Bob S. writes: “First, ‘Together We Thrive’ is an implicit or subliminal condemnation of anyone who is ‘divisive,’ which means anyone who opposes the liberal agenda. Second, this enforced togetherness, this required singleness of mind, is essentially fascist.”)

Something New (“This week, some mainstream conservatives have begun for the first time to point to the reality that liberals do not see conservative positions as wrong though reasonable; they see them as mere effusions of bigotry, fear, reaction, and mindless faith. They see conservatives as evil haters.”)

Friday, January 14

Obama’s speech (Notwithstanding some decent, human, and non-political remarks in his Tucson speech, the speech, viewed as a totality, is a total lie.)

Something New, cont. (More signs of an awakening to liberals’ mad hatred of conservatives and their aim of silencing them.)

How to respond to liberals’ call for “civility”: Thanks, but no thanks

Comments on Liberal Hategate (Readers’ comments from January 13-14.)

Saturday, January 15

Henninger: liberals think conservatives are evil and mad (Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal for the first time in his career begins to recognize the fascist truth about liberalism.)

Prelude to civil war? (Richard P. writes: “The events of the last week involving the Tucson shooting have brought to mind the early stages of Bleeding Kansas.”)

Tucson shooting victim blames Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle, John Boehner, and the “rest”—all Republicans and conservatives—for the shooting

Another bad cop (Paul Krugman writes that any conservative opposition to any extension of the Provider State, no matter how extreme, means that conservatives want to dismantle the entire welfare state. Thus no opposition to the liberals’ ever more extreme and socialist policies can be allowed.)

In 2008, Krugman showed that liberals hate conservatives (Long before the present controversy, Paul Krugman in 2008 proved VFR’s point that white liberals hate white non-liberals and seek to dispossess them via nonwhite immigration.)

A surprising voice of moderation and sanity on the left (NYT columnist Charles Blow says his fellow liberals are wrong for blaming Republicans for the Tucson massacre.)

Liberals with rather large beams in their eye (Eric Fuller, who was slightly wounded in the Tucson massacre and blamed all Republicans for massacre, is ejected from ABC “townhall meeting” after threatening a tea party spokesman with death.)

Liberals actually doing what they falsely accuse conservatives of doing, cont. (More on the “townhall meeting” where Eric Fuller made death threat against a man who defended the Second Amendment.)

Sunday, January 16

The liberal message emerges clearer than ever: white conservatives deserve to die (“I was stunned into a depressed silence when I came across my own writings on the Omar Thornton case. The clearly implied significance of the liberal take on that mass murder (whites deserve to be killed by any black who accuses them of being ‘racist’), combined with the liberal take on the Tucson mass murder (conservatives are guilty of mass murder solely by virtue of being conservatives), indicates a truth about liberalism so terrible it’s painful to put it into words.”)

VFR entries on a mass murder of whites by a black, which the media tacitly justified because the killer said his victims were “racists” (Collection on the Omar Thornton case and the media’s shocking coverage of it.)

Obama’s clever fraud that so many conservatives fell for, like dogs wagging their tail when they’re petted (My summary of Byron York’s column on Obama’s fraudulent call for “civility”: “He proceeded, with a complete lack of logic, to turn the mass murder, which he himself stated had nothing to do with heated political rhetoric, into an occasion for America to moderate its heated political rhetoric. And what that practically means, of course, is that Republicans must tone down their opposition to the Democratic agenda, even as the Democrats continue to call the Republicans murderers, “teabaggers,” and all the rest of it. For this, the CINOs joined the cheering liberal throng. They might as well have donned T-shirts bearing the slogan, ‘Together We Thrive.’ “)

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