How far we must go today to conceal our identity

A reader wrote:

If you choose to post my comment, please identify me as “New York Lawyer.” Can’t be too careful. Thanks.

LA replied:

It’s a good ID. It’s like calling yourself “Iowa Farmer.” There’s a lot of you. No way you can be tracked down.

Reader replied:

Glad you understand. We really live in a McCarthyite environment now.

LA replied:

This reminds me of another commenter. He told me that given his job situation he didn’t want to use his full name at VFR anymore, which he had done for years. So I suggested “C. from North America,” which I intended as a satire on how far one must go to make sure one is not identified. He liked it and we’ve been using it ever since.

Reader replied:

Do you think “Jewish New York lawyer” would make me too easy to identify? Better not push it. ;-)

LA replied:

Well, I guess it’s a tossup whether “C. from North America” or “Jewish New York lawyer” is a broader category. :-)
- end of initial entry -

Johann Happolati writes:

Ha! You Americans don’t know how good you have it. Try writing a blog like yours in Canada.

- Johann (a pseudonym)

C. from North America writes:

Funny exchange. Maybe VFR should just go “full retard” and start using IDs like Zek from North America #12456, Prole from Die Toteninsel #5898, etc.

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