Let us beware the Republican/conservative disease of triumphalism

In response to the previous entry, “The [Obama] spell is broken,” A. Zarkov writes:

Let’s not get over confident. Obama and the Democrats will still continue to push for the Trifecta—the comprehensive bills on health care, immigration, and climate change—because they know the window of opportunity will close after the 2010 Congressional elections. I’m convinced that they will still go all out for their program to transform America. So far we have survived Obama through a sequence of miracles. Miracle number one: The Climategate emails emerged from nowhere and severely wounded the global warming agenda. Miracle number two: Scott Brown also appeared from nowhere and got elected by the men of Massachusetts. It might take a third miracle to avoid amnesty for illegal aliens. We can’t count on miracles. Obama still has a net positive approval rating. His personal support has not collapsed. He can still turn things around if unemployment drops, and the Democrats will spend like crazy to get people back to work even if only temporarily. I’m also afraid the Republicans will do something stupid. They have a talent for that.

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Rick U. writes:

Is Mr. Zarkov proposing a vast right wing conspiracy? Kidding, of course, but he’s right we’ve been lucky so far, and narrowly so. A great part of that luck has been the Democrats overreaching, but they will wise up, just look at all the populist softballs they’ve been throwing around since Brown won.

Paul C. writes:

Those Americans who want to stop comprehensive health care reform and entangling international climate treaties had better do everything they can to stop the immigration amnesty. If amnesty wins out, those two other items eventually will be revisited and, next time, easily passed in the new non-White majority America. Immigration is fundamental. Everything else is secondary to this issue. When one people is replaced with another, all old values, traditions, and beliefs will soon be discarded. Anyone who thinks an Afro-mestizo-Carib America will even faintly resemble the historical America we have know, will find themselves disappointed beyond all measure.

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