What is liberalism?

The blog Eternity Road has posted a passage of mine from January 2008, and it might be the most concise statement on liberalism I’ve ever written. It is, moreover, directly relevant to each of today’s previous posts: on the DREAM Act (legalizing illegal aliens); on a Republican senator’s support for allowing open homosexuals in the military; on the Queen’s embrace of Islam; on the libertarian war against any organized society (except for the global tyranny that will take over after each self-governing nation has been undone); and on the Oxford Companion to Philosophy’s critical discussion of liberalism. Here it is:

The liberal vision

That world view [that gives birth to political correctness] is liberalism, the belief in equality and non-discrimination as the ruling principles of society. Liberalism attacks all the larger wholes—natural, social, and spiritual—that structure man’s existence, because those larger wholes create differences and distinctions which violate the rule of equality and non-discrimination. Liberalism attacks God, truth, religion, objective morality, standards of excellence, social traditions, the family, parental authority, sex differences, nation, ethnicity, and race. It aims at a world of liberated, equal human selves, with no God above them and no country or culture around them, free to interact on a basis of total freedom and equality with all other human selves on earth. To achieve this universal freedom and equality, the ability of actual peoples to define and govern themselves must be eliminated. Democratic and constitutional self-government must be replaced by the regime of the global elite, a regime that is beyond criticism and democratic accountability because it represents and embodies the very principle of liberal goodness: the equality of all.

That’s the liberal vision. Political correctness is one of the weapons by which this vision is imposed, it is not the vision itself.

George MacDonald Fraser, the ruin of Britain, and the possibility of true resistance to liberalism.” By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 1/14/08

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