The black tactic to create “racist police” incidents, which whites keep falling for and empowering

Remember that Henry Gates in refusing to cooperate with the police officer was behaving the way black lowlifes and self-styled revolutionaries typically behave, and the way many black leaders tell blacks to behave. The police are the enemy, the oppressor, the Man. When a police officer tells you to stop, don’t stop. When an officer asks to talk with you, ignore him and keep walking. When police officers attempt to arrest you after stopping your car after a hundred mile an hour chase though the streets of Los Angeles, don’t submit to arrest but keep fighting the officers until the only way they can subdue you is to beat the hell out of you, which gets taped by a passer-by and leads to a six-day long race riot that causes 53 deaths and a billion dollars in property damages and destroys an entire section of a city. If police looking for a rapist in a Bronx neighborhood call out to you to stop, don’t stop but keep walking away from them, then suddenly stop and turn toward them while pulling something from your pocket so that it looks as though you’re wielding a gun, and the police in reasonable self defense shoot you, leading to the year long trauma of the Amadou Diallo case. And the response of black leaders to these and hundreds of similar incidents is not to tell black men to cooperate with police and avoid problems, but to refuse to cooperate with police and create horrible problems where there weren’t any. The Gates incident was produced one hundred percent by Gates. Yet the police officer is seen as the guilty party.

Much of black America, and essentially all of organized and articulate black America, is at war with America—meaning white America. But the white American majority does not acknowledge the existence of this war and doesn’t defend itself and its institutions. Order and balance can only be restored to this society when the white majority recovers itsself and starts acting again like the majority, like the leader, even, in the case of many blacks, like the parent, and stops indulging black misbehavior and rationalizing black nonsense. If the black war against America is to be ended, then whites must become what blacks always accuse whites of being—the Man. Or at least they must become men.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 21, 2009 06:33 PM | Send

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