Jennifer Rubin, bully

May one be allowed to observe that the Washington Post neocon columnist Jennifer Rubin does not have much sense of fairness? She writes:

When you are losing a critical state by double digits, your negative ratings are sky high and both the media and your opponents are shredding you on both character and policy grounds, you might get testy. And if you are Newt Gingrich, whose never been known to take criticism gracefully, you might appear unhinged and frantic. Gingrich’s rant that his poor showing in Florida is all the doing of the “establishment” has become comical. It’s the equivalent of the Howard Dean “scream”—a perfect metaphor for an angry and unsettled candidate who knows he’s losing it.

In reality, of course, the Republican establishment has been ganging up on Gingrich and trying to destroy him, in an all-out political assault the likes of which we have not seen before in GOP presidential politics. They may have good reasons for doing so; that’s not the point. The point is that Rubin savages Gingrich, not just politically, but as a person, portraying him as psychologically flawed and “losing it,” i.e., losing his mind and his self-control, merely for his pointing to the fact of this assault and saying that it is damaging him. And Rubin is nothing is not industrious. At her Washington Post blog, she has already posted about five full length blog entries this morning dismantling Gingrich.

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