A U.S. Muslim’s political platform

Jonathan L. writes:

Flipping through my voter information guide for the upcoming 2008 Washington State primaries I came upon this gubernatorial candidate’s profile, which I have reproduced below.

His platform shows how Muslim immigrants can flit through the advanced institutions of Western society, often even achieving great success within them, yet never become Western in outlook or allegiance. I shudder to think of what happens to America when Muslim power is such that all of us will have to take candidates like Dr. Said seriously.

Mohammad Hasan Said (States No Party Preference)
Mohammad Hassan Said For Governor Independent

Biographical Information

Current Occupation/Employer: Self Employed Medical Doctor

Education: M.D. Ph.D Preventive and Social Medicine, University of Madrid, Spain, Diploma in Public Health University of Toronto, Canada and Three Board Certifications in Medicine.

Elected Experience: Represented Washington State in the National Platform Committee in 1988 held different position on Grant County Democratic Committee.

Family: Three children, one a physician, one a media personality and a daughter that will attend Seattle University Law School.

Significant Career Experience: Experienced in health care probably the best plan of any candidate including presidents. Involved nationally and internationally for Human Rights, Peace, and Reconciliation.

Candidate Statement

I am on a mission to assert Washington State leadership for other States joining for positive changes.

If elected Governor I will do or promote the following with help from legal experts.

1. WITHDRAW WASHINGTON NATIONAL GUARD FROM IRAQ IMMEDIATELY. The unfair Iraqi occupation was engineered by New Conservative for Israel. Request for Freedom Of Information Act November 14, 2005 with their answer November 21, 2005 control number COPS2006004 is still pending to prove evidence.

2. AMEND CONSTITUTION, article 1, section 8, paragraph 11, so War Power Act be delegated to States Legislators not Congress.

3. AMEND CONSTITUTION, article 1, section 8, paragraph 3, so individual States can compete for overseas businesses without interference from Federal Government. I will lead trade mission to Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria etc.

4. PROMOTE ONE STATE SOLUTION FOR PALESTINIAN- ARAB ISRAELI CONFLICT, so Jews, Christians and Muslims can live in Secular State like ours.

Other issues are in my platform.

Finally I would like to sound the alarm, that AIPAC and other Jewish Zionist Lobbies who represent less than 2% of American People are using the United States through their mighty power in the News Media, Financial Institutions, Hollywood and Entertainment Industry, Both Political Parties, Congress and the White House as Proxy to wage war against any country perceived to be threat to Israel, like in Iraq. This will lead us into conflicts for generations with Arab and Muslim World. This has got to stop!

This Movement Campaign to get back our country from being influenced by foreign governments. This way we honor our founding father, George Washington’s farewell speech 1796, “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of the Republic Government.”

Websites of interest: drsaid.net, wrmea.com, Vanunu Mordechai, Islamweb.net, plands.org, normanfinkelstein.com, Naturi Karta, Aljazeera.net/English .

Gintas, who also lives in Washington State, writes:

Our primary races here are a joke, and I mean a real source a laughter (an example follows). Anyone can get into the primary simply by applying (there’s a small fee to do that). Each candidate in our voter’s guide gets space to say some things, mostly the usual platitudes and what organizations endorse them. I have seen some truly bizarre rants and rambles. We have candidates from parties and religions that no one knows exist. Not too long ago we had a candidate running for U.S. Senator named “Mike the Mechanic.” I am serious, I had a choice on my ballot named “Mike the Mechanic.” I think his promise was that he would fix things. If Jonathan L. doesn’t remember that he is either young or not paying attention!

Here’s this year’s voter’s guide:

I encourage you to check out the

State Executive—> Washington State—> Governor—> Javier O. Lopez page

He states, rather remarkably:

Significant Career Experience: As an artist and inventor I have come up with an invention that will solve all of the world’s problems. I have invented an air engine that has the power to operate an automobile while relying on air as its fuel source. Adoption of this technology would mean an end to reliance on fossil fuels, stopping carbon-monoxide emissions, pollution and global warming.

However, no matter how ridiculous, this man will garner votes from his constituency, just like Mohammad Hasan Said will garner votes from his constituency.

LA replies:

Obviously this Muslim candidate is running a mere vanity campaign, as a way to publicize his anti-Israel and pro-Islamic views. He’s not a threat to become governor of Washington. Yet, as his platform demonstrates, there is a large and expanding population of Muslims in this country who have a Muslim point of view that is fundamentally hostile to and incompatible with America.

Ken Hechtman writes:

I agree, Mohammad Said isn’t serious. Keith Ellison is a serious Muslim politician. Andre Carson is a serious Muslim politician. This guy is an independent no-hoper.

And if I knew nothing else about him, the fact that he’s running for governor would be the give-away. We’re not there yet. I don’t see any serious Muslim candidate running for any state-wide office for a while. I don’t see any serious Muslim candidate running for state-wide or even Congressional office specifically on a foreign policy platform for even longer than that.

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