Knoxville jury deliberating

David B. writes:

The jury ended deliberations after seven hours with no verdict.

Early in the day, the family members were directed to give their victim impact statements, because the defense asked to see them in order to have them stricken if they did not like them. The judge agreed to this, something I have never seen before. The judge looks like a member of the cast on The Addams Family TV show and is practically acting as a member of the defense team.

The statements were heartbreaking. Mrs. Christian said she would never be the mother of the bride. Mr. Christian said that Channon took pride in saving herself for marriage. When (If) there is a guilty verdict, they will have to give the statements again, assuming the defense and judge approve.

There was a hearing concerning Lemericus Davidson, the ringleader whose trial is scheduled for September 21. Davidson says he wants a Knox County jury. The judge is trying to talk him out of it. Also, Davidson’s attorneys are trying to get the search warrant thrown out which would make it as if Channon Christian’s body had not been found.

The jury has six blacks on it, down from the original seven. A black female opted out because of the gruesome rape evidence and her own past as a rape victim. A white man replaced her. Before the trial, It had been assumed that the only question was whether the sentence would be death or life without parole. Now, it will take some doing to get a guilty verdict, period.

The guilty verdicts still will likely happen. It is not unusual for juries to seem to be taking too much time on an obvious verdict and return with the right one. There is a long sheet of charges to consider.

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