European couple, thinking they are renewing their wedding vows in a Muslim country, get cursed as “infidel swine” without realizing it

The Maldives or Maldive Islands, officially Republic of Maldives, is a Muslim island nation in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty-six atolls.

ABC reports:

A hotel in the Maldives has apologised to a Swiss couple who thought they were renewing their marriage vows, but were actually being subjected to a torrent of abuse.

The couple thought the staff member who was presiding over the ceremony was delivering a blessing in the local language.

But it has now emerged that the celebrant was abusing them with insults such as “swine” and “infidel”.

Unaware of what was really happening, they smiled throughout the ceremony.

The couple were only alerted to the prank when a clip from the ceremony was posted on YouTube and picked up by local media.

The Maldives’ foreign minister has also expressed his horror at the incident.

I wrote in 2005:

[I]n resurgent Islam the liberal West has met its fate. Islam is a non-Western religion set on conquering and converting non-Moslems, while liberalism is a Western ideology set on tolerating and including non-Westerners. They are predators, we are prey. This complementarity spells the death of the West, unless there is a radical awakening on our part to the true nature of Islam and a willingness to oppose it.

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