Defense “sources”: after DSK incident, maid continued to work as prostitute at Brooklyn hotel where she had been put up by the DA’s office

Alexis Zarkov writes:

As I predicted yesterday, the DSK defense team continues to leak damaging information about his accuser. It keeps getting better. The Daily Mail and other news outlets tell us that the maid continued to work as a prostitute while housed at a hotel Brooklyn at taxpayer expense. From the article:

It was also revealed that while she was being put up in a Brooklyn hotel by prosecutors, she continued to work as a prostitute. According to the [New York] Post [whose information, let us remember, comes from a “source close to the defense”—LA], a number of paying male visitors arrived at the maid’s hotel in the weeks after Strauss Kahn’s arrest.

The source said: ”While she was under our supervision, there were multiple “dates” and encounters at the hotel on the DA’s dime. That’s a great deal for her. She doesn’t have to cover her expenses.’

The woman has a regular fleet of gentlemen callers who range from wealthy clients she met at the Sofitel to counterfeit-merchandise hawkers and livery-cab drivers, said sources close to the defence investigation.

Absolutely unbelievable. The devout African Muslim immigrant continued her illegal sex peddling right under the nose of the DA’s office. Didn’t the police or the DA’s staff notice her carrying on? Evidently not, or they sat on the information. There’s more—much more. It seems that the sequence of events in the hotel room played out almost exactly as I had surmised back in May. Again from the article.

The hotel maid, who has been accused of working as a prostitute, originally told police she did not know who the former IMF chief was when he allegedly raped her in his room at the Sofitel in Manhattan.

But sources are now claiming she was aware of his VIP status and became angry when he refused to pay her for her services

A source close to the defence investigation told the New York Post: ‘She figured he’s a rich dude, and she would get paid. She was told by the crew she ran with that this was a gold mine.’

The maid, a Papua New Guinea native [“Papua New Guinea”! The Mail doesn’t know the difference between Papua New Guinea north of Australia and Guinea in West Africa?—LA.] told police that on May 14, while she was cleaning Strauss Kahn’s suite, he forced her to perform oral sex on him and violently groped her breasts and vagina, leaving her bruised.

But the source told the Post that the 32-year-old maid regularly got paid for sex at the hotel and she performed oral sex on the French man in exchange for money.

But when they were finished and the woman demanded money from him, Strauss Kahn refused to pay.

If these reports are correct, then what happened went exactly as I predicted except DSK thought he was getting free oral sex, but the maid had other ideas. Their subsequent altercation was over money. Any physical violence had nothing to do with a rape. However I’m skeptical he expected free “enhanced room service.” DSK can’t be that naive. This story is a cover to protect him from a charge of soliciting a prostitute. By saying he thought he was getting free sex, he avoids even a minor prosecution. And who is to contradict him? The Maid? She has zero credibility. Case closed.

Every day in every way Cyrus Vance Jr. looks like an idiot, a fool, and an incompetent. He needs to resign.

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