Muslims act in predictable Muslim ways; Times finds it “unimaginable.”

Diana West quotes a September 17 New York Times article which begins:
WASHINGTON—While the popular uprisings of the Arab Spring created new opportunities for American diplomacy, the tumult has also presented the United States with challenges—and worst-case scenarios—that would have once been almost unimaginable.

What if the Palestinians’ quest for recognition of a state at the United Nations, despite American pleas otherwise, lands Israel in the International Criminal Court, fuels deeper resentment of the United States, or touches off a new convulsion of violence in the West Bank and Gaza?

Or if Egypt, emerging from decades of autocratic rule under President Hosni Mubarak, responds to anti-Israeli sentiments on the street and abrogates the Camp David peace treaty, a bulwark of Arab-Israeli stability for three decades?

Challenges and scenarios “that would have once been almost unimaginable”? When was this “once”? Last January, February, and March? That was when every Islam-realist blogger in America was warning and predicting that if the Mubarak regime fell and there were popular elections, the Muslim Brothers would come to power and the peace treaty with Israel would be abrogated. The Islam-realists were also saying that not only in Egypt, but in every Muslim country where “democracy” was installed, “Islamists” (a.k.a. serious Muslims) would take over, and Israel would find itself in a vastly more dangerous situation than is already the case.

But no. The liberals must pretend that these disastrous possible events, which were both entirely predictable and predicted, were “unimaginable”—“unimaginable” because liberals as a matter of principle block out from their consciousness everything in the universe that doesn’t fit the liberal scheme.

* * *

In connection with the Times’ use of the word “unimaginable” (with its echoes of another favorite liberal word, “shocking”), you may be interested in my lead article in the February 1994 issue of American Renaissance, the headline of which parallels the title of the present entry:

Murder on the Long Island Rail Road

A black kills six whites at random. Liberals find it ‘unfathomable.’

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

We must acknowledge that the liberal Times is being more honest about the heretofore “unimaginable” disasters resulting from Muslim democracy than are the neocons, whose commitment to Muslim democracy is even deeper and whose denial of Muslim realities is therefore even more impenetrable.

Ingemar P. writes:

The “tragedy” in all of these events is that they were so utterly predictable; yet all our warnings go ignored, like Cassandra.

I think we should call ourselves Cassandratives.

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