What shall we do about Mexico?

The barbaric organized violence in the Third-World country to our south, which its government is unable to stop, and which frequently spills over into our country through our porous border, raises the question to the fore: what shall we do about Mexico?

As with Islam, it is not within our power to fix Mexico. It is, however, within our power to protect ourselves from Mexico, by separating it from us. And that is what we must do. Let us remember that Mexico is not our friend. Mexico’s implicit and explicit stance, both as a government and as a people, is a resentment-driven, expansive Mexican nationalism aimed at gaining power over the United States. And this Mexican anti-Americanism is shared by many of the Mexicans living in this country.

Yes, such a separation from Mexico would represent a radical departure from current realities. But it is within our power to do it, if we chose to do it. It is not within our power to fix Mexico, even if we desired it with all our hearts and invested our entire national wealth and energy in the attempt.

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Tim W. writes:

By suggesting that we separate from Mexico, you’re giving us an example of the conservative mind in action. The violence, gangs, and anti-Americanism are good reasons for stopping the Mexicanizing of our country.

The liberal mind in action will be the precise opposite. The horrendous violence there is all the more reason we should invite more Mexicans here, so they can escape those terrible circumstances. Their anti-Americanism will vanish once they see that we have no objection to letting them walk all over us via open borders, affirmative action, in-state tuition, welfare, free medical care, sanctuary cities, bilingualism, moratoriums on deportation, and full scale amnesties.

James R. writes:

I have a Dream, which I’m sure our selfless liberal friends will share, once they learn of it. Though they are not into acting out of self-interest, it will be win-win for both them and the Mexicans, and indeed all Latin America once this Dream becomes generalized.

Just imagine—it’s easy if you try—one million American liberals giving up their American citizenship and becoming citizens of Mexico, departing America forever with their families to enjoy the rich, vibrant diversity of the Mexican people, and helping them build their future in a partnership of equals.

This could be a model that can be repeated throughout Latin America: liberal Americans, giving up their citizenship in the society that fails to live up to their standards, and going to help build a brighter future in what racist Americans call the “Third World.”

They will help the Mexicans, they will help the Latin Americans, and by doing so, no doubt the people of Latin America will help enlighten them too. Think of it as the culmination of the Peace Corps—liberal Americans reaching out to help those in need, and being the ones who are changed themselves. Which I am sure they would see as the real good, their own hearts transformed by exposure to the rich vibrancy of the Latin American experience, first in Mexico, and then beyond.

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