Dominoes falling at National Palestinian Radio

Yesterday it was reported that Ronald Schiller, vice president for development at National Public Radio, had resigned (or was fired) from NPR after the posting of his secretly videotaped conversation with agents of James O’Keefe disguised as the leaders of a (non-existent) Muslim organization that wanted to give NPR $5 million. (See my discussion here.)

Now is reporting that Vivian Schiller, the president and chief executive officer of NPR (no relation of Ronald Schiller), has also resigned. Here is the AP article.

“National Palestinian Radio” is the nickname that, according to Ronald Schiller’s “Muslim” luncheon companions, they and their friends gratefully applied to NPR because of its pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel coverage. As can be seen on the YouTube, when they told Schiller this, he responded positively. He made it clear that he was charmed by the idea of NPR being called National Palestinian Radio. However, to be fair, I think he also then said that NPR strives for balance and fairness. But I think that what he meant by that was that the rest of the U.S. media is anti-Palestinian, and NPR supplies the balance.

See also former NPR commentator Juan Williams’s scorching comments about what Ronald Schiller’s remarks to his luncheon companions reveals about NPR.

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