Touré, an embodiment of America’s black culture

In yesterday’s entry, “On the n----rization of Obama, and the n----rization of America,” I said:

Touré’s countenance, as well as his moronic and despicable accusation against Romney, also remind me of the blogger Whiskey’s remark: “Black culture’s fatal flaw: toxic levels of self-esteem mixed with manifest incompetence and lack of any driving fear of failure or doubt.”

When I posted that, I hadn’t yet seen Touré live. Today reader Julian C. sent Touré’s heated exchange with Piers Morgan concerning Morgan’s interview with George Zimmerman’s brother. See how well Touré’s performance fits Whiskey’s description: huge self-importance and condenscension (the condenscension of the oppressed ubermensch), combined with a manifest lack of intelligence. This man is a symbol of the toxic black culture America has empowered. That culture, that community (I do not speak of all blacks as individuals), is a permanently hostile, incompetent, and entitled presence in our midst. Whites can either accept this situation and let the country and themselves continue to go downhill, or they can cast aside their liberalism and re-take their historic leadership role in this country. Not that I remotely expect that they will do the latter.

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Hannon writes:

It boggles the mind that someone of Toure’s comportment could have a position with any public exposure. In the interview Toure repeatedly asserts that Morgan cannot grasp how “serious” this issue is. From Toure’s hostile tone I gather he means by this that because Piers is not black his views are disqualified from reasonable consideration. Toure bleeds and rages for his own kind but one gets the feeling that black-on-white crime is the equivalent to rat abatement to him. Only the total submission to permanent black grievance and anguish can be seen as the correct public posture for non-blacks toward blacks.

Whiskey’s quote has it just right.

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