What McCain hath wrought by nominating Palin: an angry feminist “conservatism”

Michelle Malkin, with the help of several other women, has produced an in-your-face video, “I am Sarah Palin,” that expresses the ugly leftist thing the conservative movement has become as a result of the Republican party’s nomination of a woman with a five month old baby to be vice president of the United States. The key line of the video is, “I will not be told that I cannot be a good mother and participate in politics.” But of course that line is false, since no one is saying that a woman cannot be a good mother and participate in politics. What they are saying is that a woman cannot be a good mother of infant children and run for and hold national office. Thus the real message of the video, though it doesn’t use these precise words, is: “Don’t you dare question whether a woman with a five month old infant should run for vice president.” Not only does the new “conservative” movement declare that there are no limits on the career choices that a mother with small children can make, it prohibits any dissent from, even any questioning of, that position.

Conservatism has morphed into leftism.

I oppose this new “conservatism” with every cell in my body. I will oppose it even if every other conservative in the world supports it.

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Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

Don’t you think that the “right” support for Palin (conservatives, right liberals, right libertarians, Christian right, etc.) is that they view her as the exception to the rule who needs to be supported? They will of course argue that the values they uphold will continue with their support for Palin, because she is simply the exception. [LA replies: No, because they are treating her not as the exception to the (conservative) rule, but as the exemplar of the new (leftist) rule, which is that women can have it all, and that no one is to be permitted to question this.]

But then, I’ve noticed that many of the women, especially, think of themselves as exceptions to the rule. Even Phyllis Schlafly apparently had a career during her children’s childhood. It is difficult to find their dates of birth, but in the 1970s, when she was on the ERA track, some of her children were pre-teens or young teens. Younger, in any case, than Palin’s 17-year-old daughter. [LA replies: Schlafly was an activist, writer, etc., but did not have a full-time job.]

Of the women on the video, Michelle Malkin has written about how her husband left his “career” to be a stay-at-home dad so she can continue with her political commentary, Pam Geller is a divorced single mother, “Girl of the Right” (I think she’s Canadian) has written on her blog that she is also divorced—but childless.

So, these are the women that are setting the standards for conservative principles. They don’t even fit the bill themselves. I actually think that’s fine, since many women would continue with the principles despite their deviations. But it seems that “conservative” women ignore their own situations, and have decided that as long as they view their war against liberals as legitimate, even conservatives can act liberal.

By the way, I’ve long observed this bullying, angry writing in Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham et al. Rather than talk about conservatism, these women have invested years belligerently attacking liberals. That is their overriding concern. Now the fruits of their activity is evident. They have nothing to say about conservatism, and are actually supporting liberal ideas, in the leftist modus operandi of intimidation and over-the-top language.

LA replies:

Actually I ought to be happy, because a central theme of my writings for many years has been the actual liberalism of conservatism, and in the last week and a half we’ve seen the greatest manifestation of that, thus proving my point in spades. But I’m not happy. I am, as I’ve said before, desolated by this event—desolated not just by the total absence of conservative principles on the part of people I thought had principles, but by their adoption of leftist principles.

Terry Morris writes:

What McCain hath wrought is untold damage of epic proportions that American children and grandchildren are going to reap. As I said the other day, his platform’s motto “Country First” is a slap in the face to thinking Americans. Anyone who believes that hogwash is a fool. What it should be is “McCain first, America be damned!”

You’re not alone in your opposition to this “new conservatism,” I’ll guarantee you that. I’m as opposed to it as you are, and always will be.

To borrow from Laura W. from a few days ago, I am now weeping for my country.

Adela G. writes:

You write:

I oppose this new “conservatism” with every cell in my body. I will oppose it even if every other conservative in the world supports it.

My thoughts exactly.

The “new conservatives” are determined to secure victory at any price and by any means necessary.

My own view is that the sense of entitlement evident in so many women of reproductive age is no less offensive than that found throughout the black community.

LA replies:

The name of the organization to which Palin belongs, Feminists for Life, says it all. The new conservatives are liberals who oppose abortion.

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