The conservatives’ latest indictment of Obama—he’s no leftist

A sure proof of unprincipled oppositionalism, that is, of bigotry, is when a person casts a certain party in the most negative terms for being X, and for being not-X. In short, the person attacks the party no matter what that party is or does.

Unfortunately, such lack of principle describes much of the mainstream conservative attitude to Obama.

Consider the latest article at the website Pavlovian Anti-Obamathon, a.k.a. American Thinker. Lee Carey goes after Obama because Obama has let down the innumerable leftists and blacks who thought he was going to be a leftist president who would take care of all their needs.

Wait! Hold on! I thought the conservatives’ problem with Obama was that he is a revolutionary leftist set on fundamentally transforming America into a leftist country where everyone’s needs are provided for by the state. Now it turns out that their problem with him is that he is NOT a revolutionary leftist, but a poseur who fooled people into believing that he was a revolutionary leftist. Carey goes so far as to call all those millions of disillusioned leftists and blacks “the most profound victims of the Obama hoax.”

Conservative authors and editors who use such arguments are anti-Obama bigots. They will say anything against Obama, even if it flat-out contradicts the last thing they said against Obama.

This is one of the reasons why, as deeply necessary for the survival of the country is the defeat of the Democrats and Obama in 2010 and 2012, I dread the return of an ascendant and triumphalist “conservatism.” The only hope is that on the anti-Obama side there are a decisive number of people who are not just Republican partisans and Bush worshippers, but principled conservatives set on truly reversing the leftist direction of the country that we’ve had under both parties.

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