Brewer versus Obama

Gov. Janice Brewer of Arizona didn’t just put her signature on Arizona’s anti-illegal alien law SB1070, she has shown fortitude and spunk in defending it—and her state— from the unprecedented liberal assault that has been directed at both. Here she is at a press conference on Saturday responding to Obama’s jejune joke about the law. Brewer is another of those unsophisticated middle American types who drive liberals into paroxisms of fear and loathing. Speaking of which, that’s Sarah Palin standing behind Brewer. VFR readers may remember that in fall 2008 Palin wanted to legalize most illegals, her reason being that since they want to be here, we have to accommodate their wish—and now Palin stands with Janice Brewer in wanting to arrest and deport the same illegals? What gives? I guess McCain’s coming out in favor of SB1070—though purely for the purpose of surviving the GOP primary—has given Palin permission to take that position too. But what will she do after the primary is over and McCain reverts (as seems almost inevitable) to his real position of calling for the legalization of all illegals? I think it will be ok. Palin, having declared for SB1070, and not being a total liar like McCain, will not back away from that position. So I don’t see any harm in Palin joining up with Brewer, and Brewer associating herself with Palin. It’s an advance for the border control side.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 17, 2010 02:15 PM | Send

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