Trump and Trump’s entire family have become untouchables

Jerry Seinfeld has canceled a promised appearance at a charity event sponsored by Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, because Seinfeld

“has grown increasingly uncomfortable” with Trump’s questioning of Obama’s citizenship, said a Seinfeld rep.

“Jerry … feels this kind of demagoguery has no place in public discourse…”

Seinfeld has shown himself to be a … (I’m looking for a non-profane word for him and am not finding one).

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Jim C. writes:

This is how Seinfeld’s Wiki bio should read:

1. Third-rate stand-up comedian meets a comedic genius, Larry David.

2. David single-handedly creates “Seinfeld,” yet Seinfeld manages to steal cocreator credit.

3. Post-“Seinfeld” Seinfeld reverts to his mediocrity.

4. Who the hell cares what mediocrities say about Donald Trump?

LA replies:

Is this your considered view? How can one know that you are right—that the brilliance of the writing of “Seinfeld” was due to Larry David alone?

Jim C. replies:

Jerry Seinfeld, like Obama, is not a writer, and I have never heard from any contributing writer on “Seinfeld” that Jerry was an important member of the creative team. David created the show, was its head writer, and hired the other good writers on the show (David was the executive producer). Seinfeld’s input was as the real-life basis for his character.

And Seinfeld has done nothing since the demise of the show.

Conclusion: Seinfeld is a very lucky man.

N. writes:

This latest move by comedian Jerry Seinfeld is very interesting on a number of levels.

  • Guilt by association—Seinfeld does not wish to be associated with a charity event sponsored by Trump’s son, an event clearly well removed from Donald Trump himself.

  • Attack on free speech—Seinfeld is declaring some topics as having “no place in public discourse.” As a comedian who has thrived on humor that can be rather coarse and vulgar at times, Seinfeld is in a curious position suddenly to become a fan of censorship.

These two elements—tarring family members with the guilt of the assumed offender, and shutting down debate—used to be decried by liberals as “McCarthyism.” Of course, liberals not that long ago were assuring everyone that “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” too.

This shows us all once again that liberals do not really believe in rights, in the Constitution, in free speech, or in any other of the bedrock concepts of Western civilization. What they believe in is power for themselves, power with as few limits upon it as possible.

LA replies:

Thank you for putting this picture together. Your two bulleted points about Seinfeld’s behavior are exactly right.

Jim C. writes:

Forgot: do you know what Seinfeld “wrote” for the show? Those dumb intro monologues at the beginning of the show that David ultimately prevailed in killing.

LA replies:

Really? That was his sole contribution as writer?

O my gosh.

Then how did Seinfeld get credit as co-creator? Everyone thinks that Seinfeld and David are the gifted co-creators of “Seinfeld,” or at least of what “Seinfeld” became, when it matured around its fourth or fifth season (the first few seasons were pretty lame compared to the show at its height).

Jim C. replies:

All I know is that credit stealing is legion in Hollywood. (The most disgusting example was Orson Welles taking credit for Greg Toland’s brilliant cinematography in Citizen Kane.)

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