Cantor falsely accuses Republicans of excluding Jews, rather than admit the simple truth about Jewish liberalism

While Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority Leader, is impressive in some ways, I’ve always felt that at his core he is liberal leaning and weak. This view was unhappily confirmed by the following item posted yesterday at (which appears to be a pro-Israel site):

In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” correspondent Lesley Stahl asked House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) why so many of his fellow Jews don’t support the Republican Party.

“Why do you think that most Jews are Democrats? Is there something in the faith that guides them more to the Democratic Party?,” Stahl asked.

Cantor, clearly having his own challenges with the truth inherent in the question, answered, “This has been the bane of my existence for a long time, because … I’ve grown up and … very active and adherent to a faith and a community that is by-and-large Democratic.”

Stahl pushed a bit harder, asking why Cantor believes that this lack of support for the GOP has taken hold.

“I think, perhaps, that our party—the Republican Party—wasn’t really good at welcoming immigrants—wasn’t really good at saying, ‘Hey, we want to give you a helping hand,’” Cantor answered.

Evidently Cantor lacked the simple honesty and strength of mind to utter the undeniably true statement, “The reason Jews vote overwhelmingly Democratic is that as a group they are very liberal.” No, he had to claim that Republicans are mean and anti-Jewish and chased otherwise Republican-leaning Jews into the arms of the Democrats. Contemptible.

This is exactly like those Republicans (Cantor probably among them) who say that the reason blacks don’t vote Republican is that Republicans haven’t tried hard enough to “reach out” to blacks, rather than the simple truth, which is that blacks don’t vote Republican because as a people they overwhelmingly support the Democrats’ left-liberal, nanny-state policies.

Again, I admire some things about Cantor. Think of his cheeky presentation at the medical care “summit” with Obama a couple of years ago. But in his heart of heart, he is mushy. I will never trust him.

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