The ignorance of the intellectually superior; the viciousness of the morally superior

Regarding the second-hand beliefs of humanity’s vanguard, here is the rest of the postcard that Dan R.’s high school senior son received from Oberlin College:


Oberlin College.
Intellectual and social risk takers
in search of what is right for all
humanity. If you are interested in
a school with a history of making
a difference, consider Oberlin.

Dan comments:

To paraphrase the card, imagine if a once highly respected liberal arts college comprised of intellectual and social risk takers still believed that the color of skin was the determining feature of race? The righteousness just oozes as it sickens: ” … in search of what is right for all humanity.”

Thankfully, Oberlin was never on his list. While they’ve long been known as one of the worst of the PC offenders, the sad part is that he’ll face this mindset to some degree at nearly any college he ends up attending.

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