TCM’s celebration of the Hollywood Ten (who all were Communists)

Writing at the website of the American Conservative Union, traditionalist movie critic Spencer Warren exposes the pro-Communist line long pursued by host Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies. Osborne’s propaganda will reach a culmination next week in TCM’s commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the HUAC hearings and the blacklisting of the Hollywood Ten, during which TCM will broadcast several movies made by the Ten. Warren, like Ronald Reagan, has a nuanced view of the blacklist and does not justify all the things that were done in the name of anti-Communism. But, as Warren shows, no such nuance comes from Osborne. In his many presentations on the subject Osborne has consistently concealed the fact that the Ten were members of a totalitarian movement aimed at the overthrow of our system of government, and has portrayed them in the usual leftist way as mere innocent “progressives” victimized by hysterical, right-wing America.

The presentation begins 8 p.m. next Tuesday. VFR joins Mr. Warren in urging readers to watch the program and, if they agree with his view that this is pro-Communist propaganda, to complain to Time Warner about it. The contact information is at the end of Warren’s article. Even a handful of letters could have an effect in getting TCM to stop its leftist re-writing of an important chapter in American history.

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