Increasing number of African children in Britain are being murdered as witches by their relatives

Concerning the guilty verdict on a woman and her boyfriend in the three-day torture and murder of the woman’s 15 year old brother in 2010, the Telegraph runs this headline:

Witchcraft is growing threat to children in Britain, warn police
Children in Britain are being abused and murdered in increasing numbers because the belief in witchcraft is rife in some African communities, police said.

And the only proffered solution?

Children’s charities and campaigners urged communities to report abuse and said social workers must be firmer in confronting abuse in immigrant groups.

“Social workers must be firmer in confronting abuse in immigrant groups.” Right. That’s going to end the problem.

Of course, it doesn’t occur to anyone at the Telegraph, or indeed to a single soul in mainstream British society, to say, “Why have we let witchcraft-believing savages into this country? Why are we continuing to let witchcraft-believing savages into this country?”

The Telegraph’s passive response to witchcraft-inspired torture and murder in Britain is exactly like Robert Spencer’s response to a double Muslim honor killing in Texas in 2008:

The killings of Amina and Sarah Said raises uncomfortable questions for the Islamic community in the United States, questions about the culture and mindset that people like Yaser Said bring to this country. Now that honor killing has come to Texas, Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. have an all the more urgent responsibility to end their denial and confront these cultural attitudes. [Emphasis added.]

As I pointed out at the time, Spencer does not say that the murders raise uncomfortable questions for us, like, what the hell are we doing letting honor murder-believing Muslims into our country? No, it raises uncomfortable questions for the Muslims. We must confront the Muslims on their bad beliefs and hope somehow that they change. And if they don’t? Well, too bad for us.

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