He went running for the shelter
Of a mass murderer’s little helpers

Richard W. writes:

One amazing side of this story is the assertion by the police that:

“Numerous people have helped Clemmons since the Sunday shooting and active investigations are ongoing into their role. We expect to have up to six or seven people in custody by the day’s end.”

Six or seven people? I’m trying to imagine helping someone in this situation: a career criminal friend (I don’t have any), who is slightly psychotic goes on an unprovoked killing spree and kills four policeman. He calls me up seeking assistance. I would, or course, refuse, and call the police. I am certain I would do this even if it was my only brother. Or my best friend. One obvious fact is that surrender was his only option for survival.

Instead we have six or seven people helping a vicious killer who has shot police in cold blood. Why did these people help in? Sympathy? Friendship? This is beyond belief.

The only explanation that begins to make sense is that many felt that this was a righteous action. That somehow Clemmons had pulled off an audacious attack and now deserved the community’s protection. What community is it that is at war with our police, and will shelter a cold blooded assassin? We don’t know yet, but I’m certain that we shall find shortly that they were all black.

So there it is. We have a fifth column in our midst. We don’t know which of them are part of the intifada, but we know the intifada lives in their community. When you first used that term a few weeks ago I was struck by it. At the time I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration. Surely there is a difference between criminal behavior by individual sociopaths and an entire group adopting low level terrorism as a method.

What this event has demonstrated is that while not everyone in these communities is himself a deadly terrorist, that there are many more who have broad sympathy with profoundly evil and anti-social acts, as long as they are directed at whites and the police.

This is a terrible realization that does not bode well for our future.

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LA writes:

The title of this entry is a take-off on the Rolling Stones song, “Mother’s Little Helper.”

Leonard D. writes:

The Wikipedia article on Clemmons says this:

Police said numerous people had helped Clemmons between the November 29 shooting and his death. Seattle Police said they expected to have six or seven people in custody, including people misled police about his whereabouts, gave Clemons cell phones and money, and were trying to help him leave the state. Police said they had already arrested Clemmons’ sister, who treated the gunshot wound he obtained at the shooting, and a man described as Clemmons’ getaway driver.

This is the fruit of the race-hatred that is preached high and low. (The wiki doesn’t say what the race of these alleged felon-helpers is, but it is safe to assume they are black, each and every one.)

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