Truth is always true and always alive; lies die

Danny V. writes:

Just read the Gospel account that you posted of Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet. Very moving, the Lord bending down to wash a human’s feet. Has there ever been a character and personality like Jesus in all of human history? I find him just amazing.

No wonder we have songs in his praise. “Jesus is the sweetest name I know, and he’s just the same, as his holy name.” Has anyone written anything as magnificent as Handel’s Messiah for Mohammed?

Where are the sweet Islamic songs and melodies in praise of their god? Are there any? Do they LOVE their god?

Marx, Darwin, Freud, Lenin … all these “saviors” in the dustbin of history. No one writes songs for them. But Jesus is risen and we sing, we sing, we sing…. Thank God for Jesus! We have someone to follow in life and out of this life—all the way to our Father. That’s worth a song!

LA replies:

That”s beautifully stated.

Another, less exalted but still piquant, way of putting the issue is the old graffito:

God is dead.

Nietzsche is dead.

- end of initial entry -

Ron P. writes:

God is dead.

Nietzsche is dead.

Ever hear God’s five proofs for the existence of man?

Robert M. writes:

Given that we are still debating the existence of God, God still has a chance of being alive. The possibility exists (a 50-50 chance?) that he is somewhere. Nietzsche on the other hand doesn’t have a chance in hell (zero percent); he is dead. No one is arguing whether Nietzsche exists or not. He’s dead and gone. Sorry, Freddie, God is one up on you—he still has a chance. You on the contrary have no chance—you’re gone!

And Darwin, that poor mutation, is a mutation no longer. He’s dust. He’s also dead and gone. So God is one up on Charlie—God still has a chance at existence. Chuck on the other hand has no chance of another mutation.

Hmm … God seems to have a better chance at existence than anybody else theoretically speaking. That may be his last laugh at all his detractors. Proof of God’s existence—that we keep talking about him? He seems to hang around forever. LOL.

Martin W. writes:

The original poster wrote:

“Has anyone written anything as magnificent as Handel’s Messiah for Mohammed? Where are the sweet Islamic songs and melodies in praise of their god?”

I believe that music is anathema in the Islamic religion. From this source.

When Sayyidana Abdullah Ibne Mas`ood, a very close companion of our Prophet was asked about the meaning of the term `lahwal hadith`, he replied “I swear by Him besides whom there is no other God,that it refers to ghinaa (singing ).”

This statement, he repeated three times. This view is unanimously supported by the four Khalifas, the eminent Sahabaah, Tabieen, the four Imaams and other reliable Islaamic scholars and authorities.

One hadith from the Bukhari Shareef, the most authentic Book of Hadith, further confirms unlawfulness of music and singing : `There will be people of my Ummah who will seek to make lawful; fornication, wine-drinking and the use of maazif ( musical instruments).

Detailed analysis of the arabic word maazif shows that it refers to musical instruments, the sounds of those musical instruments and singing with the accompaniment of instruments.

Closer analysis of the wordings of the Hadith establishes the prohibition of music. Firstly, the words “seek to make lawful” shows that music is not permissible, as logically one can only seek to make lawful that which is not allowed. Secondly, if music was not prohibited, then it would not have been brought within the same context as fornication and wine-drinking.

Compare this attitude and prohibition with an Old Testament source and a New Testament one:

Psalm 30:4 “Sing unto the Lord … ”

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”

Job 38:7 states that creation was attended by music: “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”

Therefore one can only view Islam as a false sense of God and his creativity as given in music to man. Has anyone ever seen a joyful Muslim?

Quoted from this:

A group of young, religious men in Sweden act as if they were an Islamic police force and try to prevent Swedish Muslims—basically of Somali origin—from listening to music. This was shown on SVT, the National Swedish TV, on 25 April 2006. Same thing happened in Denmark on October 9 in 2004 where religious fundamentalists obstructed a concert in Nørre Alle Medborgerhus.

According to the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan which published a special theme report on “prohibitions in Islam” in the beginning of 2006, there is an increased pressure on Muslim women in Scandinavia to refrain from dancing and playing music, because it is forbidden.

John Purdy writes:

It always amuses me to see Christians beating up on Nietzsche. Every Christian church is liberal, 100% so. They are all in favour of feminism, mass immigration and the welfare state. No Christian cares what you think at all. God is dead, which is to say that the concept of transcendance is over, as far as anyone with any power or influence, whether religious or political, is concerned. The proper formulation is :

Dead or not, Nietzsche is right.

Alive or not, you are losing.

Tough luck—it’s how things are.

LA replies:

YOU are dead.

And wrong.

And only living people are allowed to post at this website.

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