The effort to get blacks interested in Gettysburg; and, how America became Black-Run America

In the entry, “The ineluctable racial incompatibilies that are bringing us to destruction, unless we radically reverse course,” a reader is surprised to learn that blacks have historically had little interest in the Gettysburg battlefield, and I reply.

Also, in reply to another commenter in that thread, I write:

Well, a society cannot have two histories, it can only have one. With the Civil Rights movement, the pre-Civil Rights, white America became bad. And black-oriented history replaced it.

There was only one way this catastrophe could have been avoided—by the white majority maintaining the idea of America as a basically white country, and refusing to adopt the notion that racial equality is the main thing about America. Once America did the latter (i.e., once it made liberalism its highest principle), it was doomed. It is a straight line from the 1964 Civil Rights Act to today’s Black-Run America.

I repeat that Paul Kersey’s pungent phrase obviously does not describe everything about America. It does largely describe relations between blacks and whites. Blacks assault and murder whites in ongoing racial attacks across this country, and the media systematically cover up this fact. That’s Black-Run America. A Hispanic man shoots a black teenager in evident self-defense, and the powers that be turn it into proof that blacks are endangered by violently racist whites. That’s Black-Run America. Blacks lack the abilities to be hired as firemen, and it’s turned into white racism which must be “fixed” by hiring unqualified blacks. That’s Black-Run America.

The discussion continues in the linked entry.

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