Delay in passage?

Several reports indicated this evening that the CBO score did not come out tonight, meaning that, under the minimum 72 hour period preceding a vote that begins when the House receives the CBO score, the House cannot vote on the bill prior to Sunday morning March 21 when the president leaves Washington for his Asia trip. Which means—people say, though I’m not sure exactly why, I haven’t been able to nail down the precise schedule—that there can be no bill passed into law until Congress returns from the Easter recess on April 10.

So, Obama had first set March 18 as the deadline for House passage, then he moved that back by three days and delayed the departure for his Asia trip. And now that deadline is being lost as well. Before this point, there were how many other deadlines? In his arrogance and fanaticism, he even set an incredible deadline for last August. And after this point, how many delays will there be? One thing we can be sure of: there will be no end of the deadlines, and of the breaking of the deadlines, until the bill is passed, or until the Democrats lose control of the House.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at March 18, 2010 12:36 AM | Send

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